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Strings in collaboration with Cornetto Pop Rock releases ‘Piya Re’


The much awaited release with Strings in collaboration with Cornetto Pop Rock Season 3 is out and making waves. This fantastic duo has always put out tacks that are no less than a hit with the love and support from their fans and keeping that in mind, their latest track ‘Piya Re’ is sure to put you in a great mood.

The third track of their album titled “30”, Piya Re is a romantic number capturing the swirling triumph that is young love. Taking a grounded, acoustic route, Strings express the flurry of feelings and emotions that accompany your first love through an uplifting melody and lyrics, and leave you with a sense of warmth and optimism, invoking nostalgia in some, and a sense of hope in others.

This song has received over a 2 million views on social media in just 2 weeks of its release! The Mission for the Cornetto Pop Rock team is to revive the pop culture and bringing us fresh music in collaboration with artists & musicians from the industry.

We are excited for the next song to release and waiting anxiously for what all is coming our way this season. Stay tuned for more.

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