Kamran Tessori

Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori Announces Reimbursement for Street Crime Victims in Karachi

Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori has introduced a series of initiatives aimed at tackling social issues and extending support to victims of street crimes in Karachi. Among these initiatives is the provision of free motorbikes and cellphones for individuals who have fallen prey to street crimes, particularly those who have experienced motorcycle theft. To avail themselves of this opportunity, victims need to present their original Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) and First Information Reports (FIRs) at the Governor House.

Governor Tessori stressed the importance of collective efforts in resolving national issues, expressing confidence that contributions from all quarters can create a significant impact. Drawing attention to the gravity of the situation, Tessori revealed that over 1,700 motorcycles were stolen in Karachi in the preceding year.

In addition to the distribution of motorbikes and cellphones, Tessori announced the issuance of health insurance cards that would offer coverage of up to Rs500,000 for medical treatment, benefiting both individuals and their families. This initiative is positioned as a response to healthcare challenges faced by the general populace.

The governor reiterated his commitment to public welfare, citing previous efforts such as providing ration to 250,000 people and hosting iftar for 300,000 individuals at the Governor’s House. Additionally, Tessori disclosed the completion of preparations for free IT courses, set to be launched soon, providing an avenue for skill development and education.

Importantly, Tessori emphasized that he has not made any demands from anyone during his 15-month tenure. These initiatives collectively showcase the Sindh governor’s multifaceted approach to address challenges related to street crimes, healthcare, and education, underscoring his dedication to addressing the community’s needs in Karachi.

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