Veteran Pakistani actor Sohail Asghar passes away

Veteran actor Sohail Asghar remembered on his first death anniversary

Veteran TV, film and theater actor Sohail Asghar was remembered on his first death anniversary on Sunday 

(Nov 13) to pay homage to his unforgettable services in the entertainment industry.

Sohail Asghar, was born in Lahore and after completing his education career he served as a Radio Jockey from 1978 to 1988 and gradually started to take part in local theater shows.

It was then that he developed his interest in acting. He then left his job at the radio station. After a year, he again joined radio in Lahore, the PTV news channel reported. 

During that time he got noticed by Nusrat Thakur, a director at the PTV center in Lahore. He was eventually signed for the director’s play named Raat, though he did not have the lead role; it was marked his first acting role on television and his talent was recognized by the big-wigs of the industry.

He then did the play Khuwahish, for which he was highly appreciated. His other notable dramas include Laag, Piyaas, Chand Grehan, Kajal Ghar, and Khuda Ki Basti.

He made his movie debut in 2003 with the movie Murad. He played the ever-impacting role of Saima, a transgender who adopts a child named Murad. 

His role in this movie backed by his stellar performance bagged him an award for outstanding performance at the first Indus drama awards.

After his strong debut on the big screen, he starred in Mahnoor in the year 2004, a movie about a dancer belonging form the adultery business. 

His last movie was the victim of an Honour Killing, which is a British movie based on the titular theme of honor killings, as the name suggests. 

The versatility of an actor is displayed by the kind of characters he/she plays on the screen and Asghar was surely a pioneer of acting and is considered to be an institution when it comes to acting.

Asghar died on 13 November 2021, in a hospital in Lahore.

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