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Serene Air Expands Horizons with New International Route Connecting Karachi, Islamabad, and Beijing

In a significant move, Serene Air, a prominent Pakistani airline, is gearing up to launch a new international route, connecting Karachi to Islamabad and onward to Beijing, commencing on November 19. This initiative marks a milestone in the deepening ties between China and Pakistan, exemplified by the establishment of a twice-weekly service.

The inaugural flight is scheduled to take off from Karachi at 23:00 local time on November 18, embarking on a journey that underscores the strengthening bilateral relations between the two nations. Following a brief stopover in Islamabad, the flight is set to touch down at Beijing Daxing International Airport at 10:20 the next day.

Zeng Qiang, the head of Serene Air’s Beijing representative office, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “The inauguration of the new China-Pakistan international route signifies the growing friendship between our two countries. We are optimistic about increased Pak-China collaboration in the aviation sector.”

Highlighting recent developments, Zeng Qiang mentioned the General Sales Agent (GSA) joint venture agreement between Serene Air and Joyu Group Air, a leading conglomerate in China’s tourism and technology sector. This strategic partnership is expected to play a pivotal role in the marketing and sales operations of the newly established route.

The collaboration between Serene Air and Joyu Group Air aims to leverage the industry chain capabilities and resource advantages of both entities. This joint venture is poised to offer global travelers a diverse array of products and high-quality services, further enhancing the connectivity and accessibility between Pakistan and China.

As Serene Air takes flight on this new international route, it not only marks a significant expansion for the airline but also contributes to the broader goal of fostering stronger economic and cultural ties between the nations. The aviation sector remains a vital conduit for facilitating increased collaboration and exchange, bringing nations closer in the spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit.

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