Istanbul university prepares report on twin quakes that hit southern Türkiye

Academicians from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) have published a preliminary investigation report on the Feb 6 twin earthquakes, the epicenters of which were in Pazarcik and Elbistan districts of southern Kahramanmaras province.

In the preface of the report, which was released to the public Wednesday and shared with a written statement from ITU, the university’s rector, Prof. Ismail Koyuncu, noted that immediately after the earthquakes, experts from ITU in fields such as civil engineering, geological engineering, geophysical engineering and architecture carried out investigations and observations in the cities in the region in teams.

Noting that the experts who completed the first detection studies in the earthquake area prepared a preliminary report, Koyuncu said: “This report, which analyzes the (initial) earthquake in the region and examines the fault activity, is a ‘preliminary detection report’. It will also be shared with the public in the next few days.”

There were five main parts to the report, titled “Geological, geophysical, geodesical and geomorphological preliminary determinations of the earthquake” — “Evaluation of strong ground motions,” “Evaluation of structural damage,” “Evaluation of future projections, urban planning and construction techniques that can be used to meet the need for rapid housing,” “Environmental infrastructure” and “Evaluation in terms of earthquake waste management.”

The report recalled that the two earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.7 occurred at 4.17 a.m. and 1.24 p.m. and their epicenters were Pazarcik and Elbistan, respectively.

“The result of these earthquakes was mapped in satellite images over a wide area. Surface rupture is observed in certain sections. Although the tabular structure and trace of the fault are close to the known lines in the field, it is morphologically seen to progress from the ridges and slopes of the Cardak fault,” the report said.

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