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Rashida Jones is one of the leading American actresses. She is not just the actress but a writer and producer too. She was born on February 25th, 1976, in Los Angeles, California. The well-known actress and model Kidada Jones is her elder sister. The father of Rashida Jones is an African American. Whereas, here mother was Ashkenazi Jewish. Rashida Jones attended the famous Hebrew school but she left the school at the age of 10. The well-known actress is popularly known for Ann Perkins on the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation which started in 2009 and end by 2015.

Rashida Jones Early Life, Career, and Achievements:

Rashida Jones at the Paley Center for Media.

Early Life:
The charming and charismatic actress of blackAF Rashida Jones grew up in Los Angeles California. Her parents had a mixed-marriage on which she once stated that “it was the 1970s and still not that acceptable for them to be together”. The Jones loved to read, she claims that she was born “nerd”. Her father once interviewed and he stated: “Rashida Jones can read five books at a time”. The statement shows how nerd she was.

In addition, after a few years, she felt she has music passion in her and at a very young age she learned classical piano. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, her mother said, “Jones is also a fabulous singer and songwriter”. She wrote many songs. In her school in California, she was voted as “Most Likely To Succeed”. Furthermore, she indulged with the theater at Buckley too.
Later, Rashida Jones attended Harvard University and in the year 1997, she graduated with a degree of religion and philosophy.

Rashida Jones, the leading has her career as an actress, writer, model, and musician. Here is an overlook at each.

Beautiful Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones as an actor:
The charismatic and beautiful lady Rashida Jones started her career as an actress in 1997. She debuted it with The Last Don, which was based on a novel by Mario Puzo. In 2000, she started guest work as Karen Scarfolli on Freaks and Geeks. This was the time with she gets a role, Louisa Fenn, on Boston Public. 2000 to 2002 was a game-changer year for her, as she cast in 26 episodes, for which she was nominated in her final year by NAACP Image Award.

Also, in the same year, she was listed on People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People”. Furthermore, she did not stop and continue working. When she was offered “The Office” she was expected to leave her career as an actor.

Rashida Jones did many projects, most renowned are Stella, Saturday Night Live, The Ten, Role Models, Parks and Recreation, Monogamy, Celeste and Jesse Forever, Hot Girls Wanted, and more.

Rashida Jones as a writer:
As stated before Rashida Jones loves to write. She created a comic series book named Frenemy of the State. It was about socialite and it later got recruited by the CIA. In 2009, before the publication of the first batch, she sold the golden screen rights to Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment. Later a film featured on it and she co-writes the play. Also, in 2001, she wrote an autobiography of her father for about 36 chapters named “Q: The Autobiography of Quincy Jones”. Her piece of writing was published in Teen Vogue and she works as a contributing editor.

Rashida Jones as a Singer/Musician:
Rashida Jones is not just an outstanding actress but a phenomenal singer too. She gave her vocal for the band Maroon 5. Also, she sang for the Tangled, Secret, and Not Coming Home. In a tribute to Tupac Shakur, she gave her guest vocals. “Flip and Rewind” by Boss Selection was her music video in 2016, which made a difference.

Rashida Jones as a Model:
The well-known actress of blackAF is a model too. In 2011, she walked for Dove Nourishing Oil Care Collection. In 2015, she became the ambassador of Verizon FiOS and did series of commercials. Rashida Jones became the first brand ambassador for Maison Kitsune, in 2018.

Awards and Nominations:
Rashida Jones, the cunning and artful actress has won Grammy Award for Best Music Film for Quincy in 2019. In 2011, she gets her ideal nomination in Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay for Celeste and Jesse Forever. In 2012, she had two nominations NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Boston Public and NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Parks and Recreation. The year 2017 was a year of happiness, she gets her nomination for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Writing in a Television Movie for the episode “Nosedive” of Black Mirror.

Rashida Jones received an award for QUINCY

Rashida Jones Personal Quotes:
She loves to write and it is clear in her words. Some of the masterpieces of her work are:

“Be friendly to everybody; protect yourself; people sometimes want a piece of you for no good reason, and always do things out of love, not fear.”

“I’m not against an action movie, I’m not against a big-budget movie, but the ones that I like are the ones where it’s obvious where they took the time to develop characters, develop jokes, develop storylines. Like, don’t waste my time and don’t insult me, is how I feel.”

Rashida Jones photoshoot

Rashida Jones Personal Life:
Rashida Jones is a confident lady as she once said “In high school, I never drank, I never smoked, I never smoked weed. I was president of the varsity club and was on the math team and then the student government. I was in every activity, saved all the bad stuff for college”.

The Jones beauty was Mark Ronson. But due to some differences, they end up. In 2015, she got engaged to Ezra Koenig and they are still together. Martina-Lisa Jones, Kenya Jones, Jolie Jones, and Rachel Jones are her half-sisters. And Quincy Jones III is her half-brother. She writes with a left hand and a strong woman.

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