Purchase of bikes in Pakistan gets difficult as prices skyrocket

Motorbike being considered as ‘poor man’s ride’ got almost out of the reach following exorbitant prices emerged just in a couple of months.

Citizens grudged over sharp ascending of the two- wheeler prices with demanding the Prime Minister to take strict action into the issue, for buying a motorbike had become an unattainable dream of their lives right now, what they said.

“Honda CD bike cost earlier Rs. 73,000 is available now Rs. 155,000 indeed a cruelty” said Mudasser and Rehan, officials of local private company in a fit of disappointment.

So much so, price of the motorbike model CG-125 earlier worth Rs. 90,000 shot up to Rs. 230,000 which is more than double of the previous amount could barely found elsewhere in the globe, said Kusar and Faraz.

Even China bike could be purchased at Rs.40,000 sometimes ago is offered now Rs. 110,000 a tragedy for the poor constantly are in grip of inflation as Pakistan ranked 13 among the most inflation-hit countries, as per report of the Global Innovation Index.

Faisal, Sebtain and many other youths lamented that the nobody at the helms of affairs had thought about bring down the prices, let alone providing subsidy on it.

“It was too good facility for students of schools, colleges is now the distant dream after skyrocketing prices of every brand of motorbikes just in few weeks,” said parents.

They called the Premier to slash the prices remarkably at least, if couldn’t bring down to the previous level.

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