PSX Surpasses 60,730 Points: Achieving Another Milestone

In a remarkable turn of events, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) achieved a new milestone on Tuesday as the 100-index soared to 60,730.26 points, marking a positive change of 1.54 percent with a gain of 918.92 points, as reported by PSX.

Record-breaking Trading Activity:

A staggering total of 779,671,060 shares, valued at Rs 26.138 billion, were traded during the day, demonstrating the vibrant activity in the stock market. This notable increase in trading volume was compared to the previous day, where 657,580,760 shares, valued at Rs 20.272 billion, were traded.

Market Performance:

Among the 392 companies that participated in the stock market, 177 witnessed gains, while 200 sustained losses. Additionally, the share prices of 15 companies remained unchanged during the trading session.

Top-Trading Companies:

The three most actively traded companies included Kohinoor Spinning, transacting 79,242,500 shares at Rs 4.02 per share, WorldCall Telecom with 57,449,984 shares at Rs 1.56 per share, and Bank of Punjab with 44,327,667 shares at Rs 5.45 per share.

Notable Stock Movements:

Hoechst Pak Ltd experienced a significant increase of Rs 85.00 per share, closing at Rs 1,348.00. Following closely was Ismail Ind, recording a rise of Rs 80.28 in its per-share price, reaching Rs 1,157.00.

Market Declines:

On the flip side, Unilever Foods witnessed a decrease of Rs 100.00 per share, closing at Rs 22,400.00. Rafhan Maize also experienced a decline, with a decrease of Rs 57.05 per share, closing at Rs 10,333.33.

PSX’s remarkable surge to 60,730.26 points showcases the resilience and dynamism of Pakistan’s stock market. The noteworthy trading activity and the positive change in the 100-index signify the confidence and enthusiasm among investors. The diverse performance of companies reflects the complexity and diversity of the market, setting the stage for continued excitement and growth in the days to come.

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