PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange functions normally in challenging circumstances

PSX Summary 29th January 2024

In a dynamic trading session, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed a bearish trend on Monday, marking a negative change of 1.63 percent as the 100-index closed at 62,773.72 points. This reflects a significant loss of 1,039.34 points compared to the previous trading day’s closing at 63,813.06 points.

The day saw a total of 317,577,239 shares being traded, amounting to Rs 10.693 billion. This represents a decline from the last trading day, where 412,823,322 shares valued at Rs.16.185 billion were exchanged.

In the stock market, 348 companies actively participated in trading their shares. Of these, 73 companies recorded gains, while 253 companies sustained losses. Additionally, the share prices of 22 companies remained unchanged, highlighting the dynamic nature of the trading day.

The three top-trading companies in terms of volume were K-Electric Limited, transacting 46,691,829 shares at Rs.4.85 per share, followed by PIAC(A) with 22,938,500 shares at Rs.9.93 per share, and WorldCall Telecom with 21,480,705 shares at Rs.1.25 per share.

Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited experienced the most significant increase in its share price, witnessing a jump of Rs.1,000.00 to close at Rs.22,500.00. Following closely, Sapphire Fibres Limited observed a rise of Rs.97.00 per share, closing at Rs.1,577.00.

On the other hand, Mari Petroleum Company Limited faced the most significant decrease, with its share price dropping by Rs.99.21 to close at Rs.2,353.16. Siemens (Pakistan) Engineering also experienced a decline, with a Rs.26.37 decrease per share, closing at Rs.597.62.

The day’s market activity showcases the fluidity and complexity of the stock market, with investors closely monitoring these fluctuations for potential opportunities and risks in their portfolios.

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