PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange functions normally in challenging circumstances

PSX Looses 2,534.12 points as on 26th December 2023

On December 26, 2023, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed a bearish trend as the 100-index plunged by 2,534.12 points, marking a negative change of 4.11%. The market closed at 59,170.98 points, a significant dip from the previous trading day’s closing at 61,705.09 points.

A total of 670,859,618 shares, valued at Rs.17.129 billion, were traded during the day, contrasting with the 671,550,776 shares traded at Rs.13.709 billion the previous day.

In the stock market activity, 369 companies participated, with 43 recording gains, 315 sustaining losses, and 11 remaining unchanged. The top three trading companies were K-Electric Ltd, trading 97,358,482 shares at Rs.4.44 per share; WorldCall Telecom, trading 72,516,907 shares at Rs.1.36 per share; and Bank of Punjab, trading 41,014,387 shares at Rs.5.72 per share.

Sapphire Fibres Mills witnessed the highest increase in share price, surging by Rs.109.12 to close at Rs.1,566.00. Following closely was Ibrahim Fibres Limited, experiencing a rise of Rs.23.45 per share, closing at Rs.363.90.

Conversely, Unilever Pakistan Foods recorded the maximum decrease, with a decline of Rs.355.00 per share, closing at Rs.21,000.00. Nestle Pakistan Limited also saw a decrease of Rs.106.00 per share, closing at Rs.7,800.00.

These market dynamics provide valuable insights into the day’s trading activity, aiding investors in understanding the prevailing trends and making informed decisions. Stay tuned for updates on the ever-changing landscape of the PSX.

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