PSX Achieves Record High: Closing at 69,619 Points

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed a historic milestone on Monday as the 100-index surged to new heights, closing at an unprecedented level of 69,619 points. This remarkable achievement marks a significant moment for investors and the financial landscape of Pakistan.

The bullish trend continued with fervor, as the 100-index recorded a substantial gain of 1203.20 points, reflecting a positive change of 1.76 percent compared to the previous trading day’s close of 68,416.78 points. This surge in the index demonstrates the confidence and optimism prevailing among market participants.

Trading activity remained robust throughout the day, with a total of 335,825,036 shares exchanged, amounting to Rs.15.315 billion in value. While slightly lower than the previous day’s trading volume, the market remained vibrant and dynamic, showcasing investor enthusiasm and participation.

A total of 342 companies participated in the trading session, with 202 companies witnessing gains and 121 companies sustaining losses. Additionally, the share prices of 19 companies remained unchanged, highlighting the diversity of the market and the varied performance of listed companies.

Among the top trading companies, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) led the pack with 33,757,114 shares traded at Rs.17.02 per share, followed by the Searle Company with 21,100,371 shares at Rs.61.86 per share, and WorldCall Telecom with 18,139,120 shares traded at Rs.1.38 per share.

Several companies experienced notable price movements during the trading session. Rafhan Maize Products Company Limited witnessed the highest increase, with its share price rising by Rs.150.00 to close at Rs.8,350.00 per share. Following closely was Mari Petroleum Company Limited, which saw a rise of Rs.48.88 in its share price to reach Rs.2,565.86.

On the other hand, Hallmark Company Limited witnessed the most significant decrease, with its share price declining by Rs.49.93 to close at Rs.615.80 per share, followed by Al-Abbas Sugar Mills Limited, which experienced a decline of Rs.35.00 to close at Rs.550.00.

The achievement of a historic high in the PSX underscores the resilience and strength of Pakistan’s capital market. It reflects investor confidence in the country’s economic prospects and highlights the potential for sustained growth and prosperity in the future. As the PSX continues to chart new heights, investors remain optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead in the dynamic world of finance and investment.

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