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PSX Rates Today December 5th 2023: Bullish Trend Continues

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed another day of positive momentum on December 5, 2023, as the 100-index continued its bullish trend. Investors experienced a surge of optimism as the index gained 462.67 points, marking a positive change of 0.74 percent, and closing at 62,956.03 points compared to the previous trading day’s 62,493.05 points.

Market Statistics:

A total of 765,418,288 shares, valued at Rs 30.858 billion, were traded during the day. This is a notable increase compared to the last trading day, where 734,294,598 shares, valued at Rs 31.641 billion, were transacted.

Market Activity:

A total of 382 companies participated in the stock market, with 187 recording gains, 177 sustaining losses, and the share prices of 18 remaining unchanged.

Top-Trading Companies:

The three top-trading companies driving market activity were Cnergyico PK, with 82,309,654 shares traded at Rs 4.85 per share, Pak Refinery, with 53,701,236 shares traded at Rs 26.98 per share, and Fauji Food Ltd, with 37,662,460 shares traded at Rs 9.50 per share.

Market Winners and Losers:

Hoechst Pak Ltd experienced the highest increase in share price, rising by Rs 76.00 and closing at Rs 1,277.00 per share. Following closely was Pakistan Tobacco Company Ltd, which saw a rise of Rs 52.70 in its per-share price, closing at Rs 1,146.70.

On the downside, Premier Sugar Mills witnessed the most significant decrease, with a decline of Rs 31.25 per share, closing at Rs 450.00. Millat Tractors Ltd also faced a decline of Rs 24.93 per share, closing at Rs 630.91.

The PSX rates for December 5, 2023, reflect a robust and dynamic market, with notable shifts in share prices and a continued bullish trend. Investors are actively engaged, and the market remains responsive to various factors. As companies experience both gains and losses, the PSX continues to be a focal point for traders and investors, shaping the economic landscape.

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