PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange functions normally in challenging circumstances

PSX Rates Today 11th December 2023: Market Insights and Trends

In the dynamic realm of financial markets, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) encountered a bearish trend on Monday, reflecting a nuanced landscape of gains and losses. The 100-index, a key indicator of the PSX’s performance, experienced a decline, losing 211.31 points or 0.32 percent, closing at 66,012.33 points as compared to the previous trading day’s closure at 66,223.63 points.

Trading Volumes and Values

A total of 1,215,932,469 shares exchanged hands during the day’s trading session, with a total valuation of Rs.33.423 billion. This marked a change from the previous day’s figures, where 1,329,550,091 shares were traded, valuing Rs.33.377 billion. The fluctuations in trading volumes and values underscore the dynamic nature of the stock market.

Market Activity and Company Performances

Throughout the day, 386 companies participated in stock market transactions. Among them, 159 companies recorded gains, while 224 experienced losses. The share prices of three companies remained unchanged, contributing to the overall market stability.

Top-Trading Companies

The three top-trading companies in terms of shares transacted were:

  1. K-Electric: Trading 164,643,140 shares at Rs.4.49 per share.
  2. WorldCall Telecom: Trading 93,320,115 shares at Rs.1.71 per share.
  3. Kohinoor Spinning: Trading 65,314,000 shares at Rs.4.74 per share.

Significant Stock Movements

Maximum Increase:

  • Mari Petroleum Company Limited: Witnessed a substantial increase of Rs.101.41 per share, closing at Rs2,168.82.

Runner-Up Increase:

  • Sapphire Fibres Limited: Experienced a rise of Rs.98.27 per share, reaching Rs.1,603.50.

Maximum Decrease:

  • Nestle Pakistan: Witnessed a significant decrease of Rs.350.00 per share, closing at Rs.8,550.00.

Runner-Up Decrease:

  • Rafhan Maize Products Limited: Experienced a decline of Rs.291.00 per share, closing at Rs.10,999.00.

Closing Thoughts

The PSX rates today reflect the ever-changing dynamics of the stock market, influenced by a multitude of factors. Investors and market observers will keenly watch these fluctuations, seeking insights into economic trends and potential investment opportunities. As the market continues to evolve, these daily updates serve as valuable indicators for navigating the complexities of the financial landscape.

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