PSX rates today July 10, 2024: Market loses 830 points

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) experienced a bearish trend on Wednesday, with the 100-index losing 830.51 points, marking a negative change of 1.03 percent. The index closed at 79,841.56 points, down from 80,672.06 points on the previous trading day.

Trading Activity

A total of 495,910,236 shares were traded during the day, reflecting a decrease from 610,264,015 shares traded the previous day. The total value of shares traded stood at Rs 22.116 billion, compared to Rs 24.317 billion on the last trading day.

Market Performance

  • Companies and Shares: 440 companies participated in trading, out of which 153 recorded gains, 241 sustained losses, and the share price of 46 companies remained unchanged.
  • Top Trading Companies:
    1. K-Electric Limited: 57,716,127 shares traded at Rs 4.89 per share.
    2. PIA Holding Company: 43,039,629 shares traded at Rs 25.08 per share.
    3. United Foods Limited: 28,628,477 shares traded at Rs 34.87 per share.

Significant Stock Movements

  • Highest Gainers:
    • Excide Pakistan Limited: Increased by Rs 71.17 per share to close at Rs 820.38.
    • PIA Holding Company Limited: Rose by Rs 63.20 per share, closing at Rs 728.47.
  • Highest Losers:
    • Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited: Decreased by Rs 178.83 per share, closing at Rs 18,111.16.
    • Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited: Declined by Rs 46.03 per share, closing at Rs 1,065.84.

Market Analysis

The bearish trend in the PSX reflects investor caution amidst economic uncertainties and global market conditions. The significant movements in individual stocks indicate varying investor sentiments and market dynamics.

Investors are advised to closely monitor market trends and company performances to make informed decisions in the evolving economic landscape.

Future Outlook

As trading continues, market participants anticipate further developments in stock prices based on corporate earnings reports, economic indicators, and geopolitical factors influencing investor sentiment.

Stay updated with real-time market insights and analysis to navigate the PSX effectively and seize opportunities in Pakistan’s dynamic stock market.

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