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US, China, UK top three destinations of Pakistani exports in Year 2022-2023

The United States (US) remained the top export destination of Pakistani products during the fiscal year (2022-23), followed by China and the United Kingdom (UK).

Total exports to the US during July-June (2022-23) were recorded at US$ 5929.176 million as opposed the exports of US$ 6808.278 million during July-June (2021-22), showing a decline of 12.91 percent, according to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

This was followed by China, wherein Pakistan exported goods worth US$ 2029.104 million compared to the exports of US$ 2783.059 million last year, showing a decrease of 27.09 percent.

UK was the third top export destination, where Pakistan exported goods worth US$ 1966.357 million during the year under review against the exports of US$ 2201.080 million during last year, showing a decline of 10.66 percent, SBP data revealed.

Among other countries, Pakistani exports to Germany stood at US$ 1600.172 million against US$ 1751.423 million last year, showing a decrease of 8.63 percent while the exports to UAE were recorded at US$ 1475.809 million opposed US$ 1848.991 million last year.

During July-June (2022-23), the exports to Holland were recorded at US$ 1446.927 million against US$ 1499.671 million whereas the exports to Afghanistan stood at US$ 521.999 million against US$ 522.781 million.

Pakistan’s exports to Italy were recorded at US$ 1151.448 million against the exports of US$ 1087.434 million while the exports to Spain were recorded at US$ 1373.804 million against US$ 1150.868 million last year.

Whereas, the exports to Bangladesh stood at US$ 768.547 million against US$ 872.562 million.

Similarly, the exports to France during the period under review were recorded at US$ 570.127 million against US$ 531.609 million while the exports to Saudi Arabia stood at US$ 503.409 million against US$ 420.402 million.

Pakistan’s exports to Turkiye were recorded at US$ 323.329 million during the period under review compared to US$ 354.725 million last year whereas the exports to Canada stood at US$ 426.513 million against US$ 403.722 million, and Australia stood at US$ 305.273 million against US$ 302.690 million during last year.

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