Pakistan Government to launch tourism app

On the occasion of ‘World Tourism Day,’ Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Tourism, Wasi Shah, unveiled exciting plans to elevate Pakistan’s tourism industry. Among the key announcements is the launch of a user-friendly ‘tourism app,’ designed to provide easy access to information about tourist destinations. Additionally, the government aims to promote eco-tourism through public-private partnerships in areas rich in natural attractions. These initiatives aim to make Pakistan a top choice for tourists while also fostering economic growth and job opportunities for the nation’s youth.

The ‘Tourism App’

Your Gateway to Pakistan’s Treasures One of the most eagerly anticipated developments is the introduction of a dedicated ‘tourism app.’ This user-friendly application will be available on the Google Play Store for Android users, offering a one-click solution for tourists seeking information on various aspects of their trip. From details about tourist spots to transportation options and other essential services, the app promises to be a valuable tool for both domestic and international travelers.

Fostering Medical Tourism

Special Assistant Wasi Shah also emphasized the government’s commitment to promoting medical tourism. Through a series of well-planned policies and public-private partnerships with healthcare organizations, Pakistan aims to become a preferred destination for medical tourists. These efforts not only contribute to the growth of the healthcare sector but also enhance the country’s appeal to international patients.

Eco-Tourism for Sustainable Growth

To preserve Pakistan’s natural beauty and promote environmental conservation, the caretaker government is turning its attention to eco-tourism. By harnessing the potential of areas teeming with tourist attractions, eco-tourism initiatives will ensure responsible tourism practices while creating opportunities for local communities. This approach aligns with global trends that prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.

Harnessing Pakistan’s Tourism Potential

Special Assistant Wasi Shah recognizes Pakistan’s diverse climatic zones and numerous untapped tourist gems. The government’s vision is to project these attractions to the world, making Pakistan an attractive destination for tourists from all corners of the globe. The media, filmmakers, and playwrights are encouraged to play an active role in highlighting these hidden treasures.

Cleanliness and Responsible Tourism

Cleanliness and maintenance are crucial for preserving the beauty of tourist spots. The government urges all stakeholders, including local communities, to run awareness campaigns about cleanliness and take part in effective daily cleaning routines at these sites. Cooperation in maintaining cleanliness ensures a positive experience for tourists and showcases Pakistan’s commitment to responsible tourism.

Green Initiatives and Local Empowerment

The government is also actively pushing green initiatives to promote responsible tourism. Plans are underway to provide resources for small businesses to invest in environmentally friendly practices, fostering local job opportunities and sustainable development.

A Country of Natural Wonders

In closing, Special Assistant Wasi Shah celebrated Pakistan’s natural beauty, highlighting its diverse attractions, from soaring mountain peaks and pristine coastlines to lush valleys and rich cultural heritage. These initiatives aim to position Pakistan as a must-visit destination on the global tourism map, unlocking its immense potential and contributing to the nation’s prosperity.

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