Father of Noor Muqadam & Sarah Inam Urges for Swift Justice

The fathers of Noor Muqadam and Sarah Inam, both victims of brutal violence leading to their tragic deaths, called upon the Supreme Court of Pakistan to expedite the trials for their daughters’ murders in their quest for justice.

In a press conference held at the National Press Club, Ambassador (R) Shauqat Muqadam, father of Noor Muqadam, and Inam-ur-Rahim, father of Sarah Inam, were joined by social workers to bring their appeal to the attention of the media and seek justice from the Apex Court.

Ambassador (R) Shauqat expressed the pain of losing Sarah Inam and the prolonged trial process that followed. He emphasized that justice should not be delayed, mentioning that Noor Muqadam’s killer had already been sentenced to death but the case was now pending in the Supreme Court. He urged the Supreme Court to expedite these cases, as lingering trials erode public confidence in the justice system and called for the message of the supremacy of law to be upheld in society.

Shauqat Muqadam also requested the Supreme Court to take up Sarah Inam’s case, highlighting the potential and aspirations of young women in society and the need to ensure their rights are protected.

During the emotional press conference, Noor Muqadam’s father couldn’t contain his emotions, and he mentioned that Sarah Inam was not safe in her husband’s house.

Inam-ur-Rahim, Sarah Inam’s father, marked a year since his daughter’s passing, emphasizing her innocence and the revelation of mistreatment by Shahnawaz, Sarah’s husband. He expressed gratitude to the police for their support during the investigation and highlighted the attempts to prolong the case by the opposing counsel. He called for the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to take up their case and suggested that the state should become a party against the murderer, advocating for justice and adherence to religious principles regarding forced marriages.

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