Nand Episode 83 The Biggest Plot Twist and “Gohar” Comeback

Yet another master addition in the achievements of ARY Digital, Nand. The most chanting serial Nand has hit the screens and that too with great power. And now it is time to brace yourself because this serial will bring lots of excitement to your screens as it is presenting for so long. However, the drama serial Nand has looked very promising with its all episode too and now the Nand Episode 83 is out with a lot of exciting twists. Let’s have a look at the Nand episode 83.

Nand Episode 83:

Video Credits: ARY Digital

Rabi and Jahangir:

The most beautiful couple, Rabi and Jahangir are living a happy life, and Jahangir’s sister-in-law calls Rabi to come and meet her and her husband agrees on it.

Saqib Recalls Her Mother:

Saqib praying for his mother

At the graveyard, Saqib recalls her mother and remembered what she said about his sister and brother. He went down in tears.

Afshan And The Keys:

The elder daughter-in-law Afshan has the keys of the locker and this is pissing the younger daughter-in-law. However, she arrogantly asks Afshan to return her jewelry.

Gohar’s Mother 40th Day Of Death:

In Muslim culture, you do not need a religion to do something for a death one deed so, on the 40th day of her death, Gul’s mother asks both of the brothers to do something for their mother.

Saqib Found The Amulets:

Saqib scolding Afshan

While searching for the locker’s key, Saqib found the amulets in Gul’s cupboard. However, he questions her, and she keeps on denying it. But he insisted on which she stated swearing but it did not work. Moreover, she plotted a script and blames Saqib himself.

Saqib Apologies From Hassan:

When Saqib came to know that his wife is the real culprit then he seeks an apology from his brother and being a humble person he accepts the apology and then the brother reunited.

Jahangir Misses Rabi & Duaa:

Without a doubt, love has no direction and it does not end. Jahangir misses Rabi and Duaa so then he remembers their cute moments, which certainly added the cute moment in Nand episode 83.

Gohar’s Plastic Surgery and Recovery:

Hassan, Saqib, and Jahanghir waiting for a succesful surgery

When Gohar got what she deserved the Divine showered His blessings on her, therefore Saqib and Hassan recovered her and get took her to the hospital for plastic surgery. However, Omer insisted to meet her, and in return, Saqib shuts him.

Afshan In A Deep Grief:

It seems like Afshan is an innocent one in this scenario but no one believes her all of the points are against her and she is found guilty.

Gohar’s Come Back:

As in the comeback of Gohar, Saqib and Hassan ask Gul to set the room and ask Afshan to not touch anything. Still, the comeback of Gohar was missing.

A Biggest Plot Twist:

The biggest plot twist is that Gohar is coming back to rule the throne. Now the biggest catch is that will she be able to get her throne back?

Gohar’s Character “The NAND”:

The most talked-about character of Nand is Gohar. She is the core of this drama as she plays the role of the sister of the two brothers. However, she is not that casual lovey-dovey sister. The Gohar is the evilest sister who always thinks that she is right. Moreover, the character Gohar is played by Faiza Hassan. She has made an absolute justice with her character, and it would not be wrong to say that she is the real backbone of drama serial Nand.

Remarkable Performance:

Whether if it is a positive character or negative Faiza Hassan slays each character. Here as the Nand, she aced the performance. Moreover, the other leads such as Shehroze and Minal did justice to the character. And Aijaz Aslam cannot be forgotten he always proves that he is the legend of the Pakistani industry.

Nand Episode 84 Promo:

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Video Credits: ARY Digital


  • Aijaz Aslam
  • Shehroz Sabzwari
  • Minal Khan
  • Faiza Hasan
  • Sumbul Ansari
  • Ayaz Samoo
  • Tipu Shareef
  • Mehwish Qureshi
  • Maha Hassan

Other Details:

Writer: Sameena Aijaz

Director: Zeeshan Ali Zaidi

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