Murree Emergency

Murree’s first snowfall of the season forecasted

As the enchanting hill station of Murree braces itself for the season’s inaugural snowfall, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has issued a weather forecast for the region. The anticipated snowfall is set to commence on the morning of Tuesday, January 9, creating a picturesque winter wonderland.

According to a spokesperson from PDMA, the weather outlook for Murree, Galyat, and nearby areas predicts a shift towards cold and dry conditions. This change follows rain and snowfall experienced on Monday and Wednesday, adding to the region’s winter charm.

Addressing concerns about the tragic events of January 2022, where 22 lives were lost due to a snowstorm that left many stranded around Murree, the spokesperson assured that authorities have been actively working to prevent a recurrence. The disaster was attributed to the negligence of local authorities, allowing an excessive number of vehicles (over 13,000) into Murree, exceeding its capacity of 4,000, the spokesperson maintained.

To mitigate such risks, the administration of Murree has taken proactive measures. Last week, three facilitation centers for tourists were established, and this number has now been increased to 13. The spokesperson emphasized a focus on ensuring the safety of visitors, particularly those arriving in their cars.

Expressing a commitment to avoiding a repeat of the 2022 tragedy, the spokesperson underscored the importance of responsible management and adherence to capacity limits. This approach aims to guarantee the safety of both tourists and residents in the scenic hill station.

Meanwhile, significant numbers of travelers, accompanied by their families, were observed in the valleys of Kalam, Madain, Bahrain, and Malam Jabba in Upper Swat. This influx occurred against the backdrop of light to moderate rains and snowfall, resulting in a noticeable drop in temperatures.

As Murree eagerly awaits its first snowfall of the season, authorities remain vigilant, ensuring that the safety and well-being of visitors are prioritized through meticulous planning and responsible management practices.

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