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“Mouthful” Soul Food Restaurant comes to Islamabad


After years of success in Lahore landmark Restaurant “ Mouthful ” Soul Food! comes to Islamabad. The Grand launch was attended by leading hostess Natasha Hussain and Models Sunny, Zaara, Jiya Malik, Sabeen Khan and Zoya Khan.

Islamabad’s most famous PR person Rezz Aly Shah of Rezz PR and Events managed the Event. Located in the heart of Islamabad’s Posh F7 area, the glamourous launch had the main road blocked as Islooites rushed to get inside. The Roof Top Restaurant has seating inside and outside for those who want to take in the view and weather which is a trend in the upscale Union Gold mall now famous for its cafes and restaurants.

Owner Sair Riaz who share a love of cuisine from around the globe, enjoy experimentation and love to incorporate locally sourced organic ingredients — have set out to achieve conceptually is new, homely and healthy. Countering the fast food fad that has really lasted way too long, Mouthful is gunning for slow food. Every offering is to be first mastered in their “food lab”, with only their top 10 food items making it to a perpetually limited-edition menu.

Mouthful’s delightful “food principles” are plastered all over the joint: from the writing on the walls down to that on the very napkins.

Owner said at launch “Initially situated in Lahore Mouthful is Pakistan’s first natural and healthy food restaurant, now has opened it doors in islamabad too. Nothing comes on Mouthful’s menu if we don’t think we have mastered it and there is still room for improvement. That’s where you come in, your taste buds. We count on them. Our menu is a spin around the world and we keep exploring for you as we put the art and science together. The art is on going and the science is simple, e=mc2, e is everyone who has mouthful of culinary into carnage so that you become that genius we want you to be. Hence we have decided that only maximum of 10 signature dishes will adorn our menu for you at any given time. No more. After all you have 10 fingers to count and 10 lanes in a race where each dish competes with the other for popularity. First 10 dishes on our menu are revealed on opening.”

Mouthful Restaurant Islamabad Location: ROOF TOP, Union Gold Mall, F-7 Islamabad.



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