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Mountain Dew Brings DOTA and CS to Bigger Platforms


Ever thought about a really big gaming championship set-up in Pakistan? We know you did and let us tell you; your wait is over. Mountain Dew is here with a big bang and is waiting for the gamers of Pakistan to join them and grab a whopping One Million Rupees. In a star studded event, Mountain Dew launched its enthralling Gamers Arena which will serve as the only official gaming platform in Pakistan, along with an official three months CS and Dota championship.

The brand’s basic ideology encompasses enthusiasm and passion. Living up to which, Mountain Dew has always come up with exciting events for the adventure seekers. This year, in collaboration with the International gaming giant ESL, Mountain Dew has come up with a nationwide Counter Strike and Dota tournament for the very first time in the history of Pakistan. Gaming events in Pakistan have always been restricted to colleges and universities, but Mountain Dew has decided to take the gems out of their dens and provide them an opportunity to gain global recognition. 32 teams from all over Pakistan will participate and fight against each other in the Mountain Dew Gamers Arena. The tournament will be held for straight three months and let us tell you this; you are going to sweat! You think you’re the best DOTA player? Or you think you dispose the bomb or kill the opposing team in CS? Hah! There are tons of other players who may beat you in no time at all. So get yourself ready because there’s going to be a real war between top gamers!

The advertisements are going by storm on Mountain Dew’s social media; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. There is also this really stimulating trend of ‘Victory Pose’ going viral on Facebook. The handsome Imran Abbas did his victory pose. The beautiful voice of our nation, Uzair Jaswal did the best dab ever. The celebrities are joining in the excitement and the youth is going crazy over it.

Gamers Arena is a perfect chance for our local underground and bound gamers. Why? Because it will provide them the stage to display their abilities, in front of the world. This will help you gain self-reliance to actually compete this time. Just think! You’ll be recognized internationally. WOW! We don’t think there’s anything else left for you to know so what are you waiting for now? Get yourself registered now and practice real hard. Remember! Don’t get nervous or scared, you know why? Because #darrkeagayjeethai. Best of luck, gamers!

By Asbah Umais


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