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Mizmaar Collaborates with Euphoria This Independence Day

Mizmaar Collaborates with Euphoria This Independence Day


The biggest international music collaboration of 2015

 [Pakistan, Tuesday 11th August’15]: Mizmaar, one of the biggest live acts of the country, were most recently spotted performing at the first ever I Am Karachi Music Festival (IAKMF) 2015 with guest vocalist Hamza Tanveer of Nescafe Basement fame. After a successful participation in the music festival which managed to pull large crowds, Mizmaar has now announced that they will be releasing their latest single on 14th August, 2015. In the past few weeks, the band has been hinting at an exciting mystery collaboration that they have been working on and finally revealing more details today, they have announced that it is with Indian rock band Euphoria, known as one of the pioneers of fusion/pop music in South Asia.

At the IAKMF 2015, the crowd was ecstatic to see Mizmaar perform with yet another promising upcoming talent after Mashhad Sharyar, and the collaboration turned out to be very entertaining. Hamza’s raw energy mixed with guitarist Kashan Admani and drummer Alfred D’mello’s polished skills produced a phenomenal sound that left the crowd screaming for more.

The band started their performance with their original hit single ‘Pal’ which remains to be a crowd favorite even 12 years after its initial release. Hamza put his own special touch to the song which made it a delight to listen to. This was followed by a mashup of a folk tune of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s classic qawwali Allah Hoo. Mizmaar’s version of the qawwali had more of a rock touch to it, but was thoroughly entertaining nevertheless – the crowd happily sang along. Following, Mizmaar performed their hit comeback single ‘Jee Loonga’ and ended with a cover of Allan Faqeer and Muhummad Ali Shehki’s evergreen number Tere Ishq Mein. Despite it being a short performance, Mizmaar made sure it was an impactful one.

Speaking about why Mizmaar has chosen to release their upcoming collaborative number with Euphoria on Pakistan’s Independence Day, Mizmaar’s frontman Kashan Admani says “This song is an Indo-Pak peace collaboration and we are featuring India’s biggest rock band Euphoria’s lead singer Dr. Palash Sen on this song. We hope that this effort will promote peace and harmony between the two countries especially on the occasion of independence celebrations in both countries”.

The teaser for the upcoming video/song can be viewed here:


 About Mizmaar

Formed by guitarist Kashan Admani, fusion pop-rock band Mizmaar rose to fame in their native Pakistan with their debut album Kash, the release producing two hit singles for the songs ‘Kash’ and ‘Laut Ke Aa’ in 2003. Their second album, Sitara, was released worldwide on Universal Music in 2007, and spawned the hits ‘Hai Pyar Kya’ and ‘Sitara,’ the latter landing on a soundtrack to the Hollywood film ‘Dragon War.’  After a hiatus of a few years the band is now back and in the full swing of things.



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