Interesting facts about Pakistan

As a Pakistani, we are more than proud of being associated with Pakistan. However, not everyone is familiar with a few interesting facts about Pakistan. This article will tell you about the different facts about Pakistan that will blow your mind away. Instead of criticizing our country, let’s highlight some of the top facts that show the true image of Pakistan.

Natural beauty

One of the most beautiful countries, Pakistan is blessed with immense natural beauty, places and landscapes to adore. A few of the world’s highest mountains are situated in Pakistan including K2- world’s 2nd highest and Nanga Parbat-world’s 9th highest. Thardesert is the 17th largest desert in the world lying on the boundary of India and Pakistan. Khewra salt mines are world’s second largest salt mines as well as a remarkable tourist attraction.

Technological advancements

Pakistan is widely considered to be a third world country which is pretty backwards. This is not the true case though. These technological facts will be an eye opener for people. Pakistan has the 4th largest broadband internet system in the world. We are the first Islamic country to achieve nuclear power. The literacy rate has grown by 250%, no we are not illiterate people with narrow minds. The youngest Microsoft professionals belong to Pakistan naming ArfaKarim and Babar Iqbal.

Manmade developments

Apart from the natural blessings, talented personnel and technologies, Pakistan has achieved a lot on its own. There have been several expansions in terms of infrastructure and developments. Pakistan has the largest deep sea port- Gwadar, largest manmade forest- Changa Manga, highest railway station of Asia- KanMehtarzai, largest irrigation system in the world, highest polo ground at Shandur Top, world’s largest ambulance network- Edhi, largest mosque- Shah Faisal Mosque and many more.

Awards and Recognition

Pakistan is rich in talented minds and people. Due to the immensely knowledgeable, talented and hardworking people, Pakistan has bagged many awards and recognitions. We have two Nobel peace prize winners, Abdus Salam and Malala Yousufzai (youngest of all). We are the only Asian country to have received two Oscar awards which was won by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy for her priceless documentaries. Samina Baig, first woman in Pakistan and third Pakistani to climb and reach the top of Mount Everest. Air commodore, MM Alam, holds the world record of shooting 5 planes in less than a minute.

Excelled in every industry

Be it sports, fashion, education, media or business, Pakistan has always stayed in highlights for being and achieving better than the best in each sector. Our country is home to some of the most established, successful and worldly renowned business people, extremely talented fashion and art designers and various educational achievers. Even in the media industry, we have been excelling and growing, not only locally but have been recognized internationally as well. We have some of the best sportsmen in every category. The tourism industry is still in the initial stages of growing and is playing a vital promoting it.

So, own your country and be a part of its growth!

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