Mannat Murad Episode 7: Mannat and Murad’s paths cross once again

Geo Entertainment’s Mannat Murad, now seven episodes deep, continues to enthrall viewers with its captivating narrative, and the on-screen chemistry between Talha Chahour and Iqra Aziz takes center stage. This drama series marks their first on-screen collaboration as a couple, and their chemistry is nothing short of electrifying.

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Mannat Murad Episode 7

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In this Episode of Mannat Murad

In the preceding episodes, we witnessed Murad’s jubilation upon obtaining Mannat’s phone number. As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that Mannat and Murad’s love for each other is undeniable, but the hurdle they face is their families’ discord.

Mannat resorts to a little white lie, telling her elder brother that she needs to retire for the night. However, her elder brother, with a detective-like curiosity, becomes suspicious when he notices her locking her door. He embarks on a mission to spy on her, leading to humorous yet intrusive situations. Mannat impatiently awaits Murad’s call, but her brother’s eavesdropping on her conversation creates discomfort, disrupting the conversation. While he is understandably hurt by her dishonesty, it’s evident that he should allow her some space.

On the flip side, Murad faces his own set of challenges in contacting Mannat. His mother’s constant demands, including an unexpected request for a head massage, add a touch of humor to his struggles. The situation worsens when Murad’s mother becomes increasingly suspicious, even suggesting that he should leave his job, a demand that appears unrealistic.

Mannat and Murad’s paths cross at a restaurant, where Mannat confides in him about her brother’s mood and his attempts to arrange a potential match for her. Mannat’s spirited response to Chaudhry Shaukat’s audacity is a delightful scene to witness. However, her tardy return home leads to more family drama, with her elder brother berating her for lying.

Murad, grappling with his mother’s over-possessive nature, is taken aback by the uncanny similarities between Mannat’s family dynamics and his own. Both share the experience of having guardians who are excessively protective and controlling. Initially, Mannat promises Murad that she will find a solution, but after witnessing her elder brother’s anger, she reaches a breaking point. She calls Muraad and confesses that her highest priority is her elder brother’s trust, and she cannot afford to make him angry. This revelation leaves Muraad heartbroken, as the love between Mannat and Muraad is overshadowed by the formidable barriers of Muraad’s overbearing mother and Mannat’s elder brother’s ego.

The love story of Mannat and Murad continues to evolve, with the only formidable obstacle being the overbearing influences in their lives. Viewers can’t help but wonder if their love will eventually triumph over these formidable barriers or if their families’ expectations will stand in their way. Mannat Murad promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats as the drama unfolds.

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