First look of Faysal Quraishi and Durefishan Saleem drama serial Khaie: An Intense Serial

Khaie Last Episode: A Gripping Finale Leaves Fans Spellbound

Today marked the culmination of a gripping journey as Geo Entertainment’s acclaimed drama serial, “Khaie,” aired its final episode. Fans were left in awe of the comprehensive, convincing, and ultimately satisfying conclusion to the series.

Watch Khaie last episode here:-

Khaie Last Episode

Video Credits: GEOTV

In this last installment, viewers witnessed the long-awaited resolution to the saga, particularly the fate of Chinar Khan, portrayed by the talented Faysal Quraishi. As the storyline unfolded, Zamda, played by Durefishan Saleem, exacted her revenge, bringing closure to the dynasty of Durab Khan, albeit sparing the innocent Aizaz.

Zamda’s decision to personally confront Chinar Khan and ultimately end his life left fans divided in their opinions. While some believed her actions were justified considering the trials she endured, others pondered if a semblance of empathy could have been shown towards Chinar Khan. Nonetheless, the prevailing sentiment among viewers resonated with Zamda’s pursuit of “Khaie,” applauding her for not seeking retribution from the young Aizaz.

Faysal Quraishi’s portrayal of Chinar Khan in the final scene garnered widespread praise, with viewers commending his ability to convey the anguish of a man who had lost everything, including his life, at the hands of someone he cherished.

Directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain and written by Saqlain Abbas, “Khaie” has captivated audiences with its riveting plot and stellar performances. The ensemble cast, featuring acclaimed actors such as Shuja Asad, Khalid Butt, Hina Bayat, and many others, breathed life into their respective roles, further elevating the drama’s impact.

Produced under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment Productions by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, “Khaie” has left an indelible mark on both critics and audiences alike, solidifying its position as one of Geo Entertainment’s most revered offerings.

As the curtains draw on “Khaie,” its legacy endures, reminding viewers of the power of storytelling and the complexities of human emotion.

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