Junaid Khan hits yet another masterstroke with Mohabbatein Chahatein

Junaid Khan is a name that needs no introduction. It would also be unfair to call him a rising star at this point since this young heartthrob has been around for a while and has managed to win our hearts and our appreciation with everything that he does, be it from music to acting. Khan is one of the most dependable, and reliable actors from the current lot who tries to challenge himself, and his audiences into seeing him in a new avatar, each time he graces our screens.

Fresh off the success and acclaim he garnered for the super hit play “Kashf”, Khan can be seen in the ongoing drama serial “Mohabbatein Chatein” which unites him with his Kashf and Sun Yara costar, Hira Mani. The two won the hearts of their fans right from their first outing, and have become one of the most sought after on-screen pairings of the Pakistani television industry.

Khan is weaving his magic again in Mohabbatein Chahatein and his reunion with Mani has managed to win the viewer’s nod again. The show started off as a light hearted romantic drama with all the required elements that you’d expect from a play that falls in that category. But that isn’t to say that the play is your run off the mill drama serial. It has its own set of unique twist and turns, and so far, it has kept us hooked to our screens.

Junaid Khan’s character in Mohabbatein Chahatein

Khan plays the character of Faraz, a simple, working class professional who is a loving father, and a devoted husband. He is kind, tender, fun loving, and affectionate. All he wants is to see his family happy, and smiling. Khan plays the character with such nuanced simplicity. His portrayal of a simple family man is convincing, and heartfelt. We don’t see the rock star and super star as we know him off screen, but Faraz, who can do anything for his wife and his son.

The chemistry between Faraz and Sneha is palpable, and sweet. The two are a married couple who are hopelessly in love with each other, even after years of marriage. This doesn’t mean their marriage is free of ups and downs. In the initial episodes, we see certain flaws in Faraz’z personality that helps in developing his character. He isn’t perfect, but he tries his best. Khan, along with Mani, lends freshness to their characters even though they have been paired opposite each other several times. Khan’s character is a complete departure from what we saw him doing in the recently concluded Kashf. 

Khan’s Faraz doesn’t shy away from showing his vulnerably on screen. Scenes where Faraz talks about his responsibilities towards his family and life’s problems are heartfelt, and relatable. In each scene, Khan strikes the right cord, whether it requires him to be sensitive, unlikable, or lovable; Khan does it all brilliantly.

The episodes during which Tara’s character attempts to erect a wall between Faraz and Sneha are to be watched out for Khan’s incredible acting, and powerful facial expressions. We see Faraz is too trusting, too gullible, and in some scenes, downright silly to the point of being blind when it comes to Tara’s antics. We also see hints of anger, and desperation as part of Fara’z personality, which take prominence in the later episodes. Each and every moment is watchable, enjoyable, and applause worthy for Khan’s acting.

With his portrayal of Faraz, Khan has added yet another memorable character to his collection. He makes sure that the audience goes along with Faraz’s journey that includes the situations in which things happened around him, and the decisions he made because of them. It will be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming episodes.

Mohabbatein Chahatein airs on Tuesdays on Hum TV.

Mohabbatein Chahatein Episode 10

Video Credits: HUMTV

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