Julian Moazzam James Becomes The First Ever Christian Officer To Be Promoted To Major General Rank in Pakistan Army

Julian Moazzam James has reached a significant milestone by becoming the first Christian commando from Pakistan’s Special Services Group (SSG) to be promoted to the rank of Major General. This remarkable achievement was celebrated by Bishop Azad Marshall, marking a proud moment for Pakistan’s Christian community.

Trailblazing Career

James, who led a military delegation to India in 2023, follows in the esteemed footsteps of Julian Peter and Noel Israel Khokhar, becoming the third Christian to attain such a high rank within the Pakistan Army. His promotion is not only a personal triumph but also a testament to the evolving inclusivity within the armed forces.

Pioneering Achievement by Dr. Helen Mary Roberts

In a separate but equally significant accomplishment, Dr. Helen Mary Roberts made history by becoming the first Pakistani Christian woman to achieve the rank of brigadier in 2024. Her promotion adds to a growing list of notable Christians who have served with distinction in the Pakistan Armed Forces, showcasing the expanding diversity and representation in military leadership.

Contributions to National Defense

These milestones underscore the increasing diversity within Pakistan’s military leadership and highlight the vital contributions of Christian individuals to the nation’s defense forces. The achievements of Major General Julian Moazzam James and Brigadier Dr. Helen Mary Roberts reflect the commitment and excellence of Pakistan’s Christian community in serving the country.

The promotions of Julian Moazzam James and Dr. Helen Mary Roberts represent historic moments for the Christian community in Pakistan, illustrating the progressive steps towards inclusivity and diversity within the military. Their accomplishments not only inspire other minority communities but also reinforce the spirit of unity and collective contribution to national defense.

We congratulate Major General Julian Moazzam James, a Christian commando officer, on making history as the first to reach this rank in Pakistan’s military! His promotion showcases merit-based advancement and unity in the armed forces, inspiring the Christian community and beyond.

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