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Biometric Now Mandatory for Motorbike Registration in Islamabad

In a groundbreaking move, the Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad has declared a significant shift in the realm of motorbike registration and ownership transfers. Starting from March 1, 2024, the new protocol mandates biometric authentication for all fresh motorbike registrations and ownership transfers, marking a transformative leap in streamlining processes and enhancing security measures.

Director of the Excise and Taxation Department, Bilal Azam, shared insights into this innovative initiative, emphasizing its role in fostering efficiency, transparency, and accountability. He highlighted the incorporation of cutting-edge technology as a means to revolutionize the registration landscape in Islamabad.

Azam encouraged citizens to embrace the change and take advantage of the grace period provided for non-biometric ownership transfers before the impending deadline. This period serves as a convenient window for those yet to familiarize themselves with the biometric protocol.

The integration of biometric authentication is a testament to the government’s commitment to modernize administrative procedures and fortify measures against fraudulent activities within the motor vehicle sector. Azam emphasized that this landmark decision reflects a dedication to ensuring the authenticity of registrations and ownership transfers, instilling confidence among stakeholders.

This move not only signals a stride towards a more secure and efficient system but also reinforces the government’s vision of a technologically advanced and accountable society. By leveraging biometric verification, Islamabad aims to set a new standard for motorbike registration processes, ultimately benefitting citizens and ensuring the integrity of the entire system.

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