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Indian passenger plane makes emergency landing at Karachi Airport

A passenger plane of India made a ‘medical emergency’ landing at the Jinnah International Airport (JIAP) Karachi at 0012 hours on Monday and left for its destination, Doha (Qatar), after around a four-hour stopover.

The pilot of a Doha-bound Air Indigo flight, which took off from Delhi, was 16 nautical miles east of Panjgur (Balochistan) when he made the emergency call requesting a doctor and ambulance, an Aviation Division news release said.

“The pilot requested to divert the plane, which carried 163 passengers, to Karachi because of the sickness of a passenger,” it added.

The pilot asked that the patient, a 60-year-old Nigerian woman, was not breathing and had no pulse.
Following the medical inspection,  the Air Indigo flight left for its destination at 4:06 am, with the body of the ill-fated Nigerian woman on board.

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