Imran Khan speaks his heart out in this victory speech

What a speech, some great words, what a leader, welcome Imran Khan! For the first time it feels like a true human being is speaking as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, as he address the nation for the very first time after his massive win in Pakistan general elections 2018. How simple and well does he speak, sheer confidence, aggression all set to lead Pakistan from the front. One of the best ever speeches ever by a Pakistani prime minister.

Farhan Saeed creates magic with Ab Sirf Imran Khan, PTI Official Anthem for General Elections 2018

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, who is all set to become prime minister as his party leads in the general elections 2018, delivered a victory speech laying out the future government’s policy on domestic and foreign affairs. Addressing the concerns of opposition parties regarding rigging in the July 25 polls which will see Imran come into power, the PTI chief assured, “These have been the cleanest elections in the history of Pakistan.”

There will be people who will hate him as person and leader but one can’t hate his ideology & passion to build a prosperous Pakistan for our future generation.

Watch his blockbuster speech here:-

Video Credits: Public News

The most admirable thing about the speech is that he was  extremely humble & contained no hate speech at all as expected, all he talks about is targets and plans.

Speech Points!

My Inspiration Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)
My Leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Came into Politics 22 years earlier for a New Pakistan, Justice System!

Tribute to Martyrs during Election process! (Siraj Durrani, Haroon Bilour, Police & Military Officials)
Tribute to Party Workers and Leaders!

Governance System will be revamped
Example of Ryasat-e-Madina!
No fight with anybody in Opposition, Nothing Personal, I’ve forgot every personal attack on myself.
Nobody will be Political Victimized in our Government
Rule of Law to be Established
Need of Policy for Human Development
Accountability starts with ME
Our Parliamentarians will have to work hard
Zero Tolerance for Corruption

Economy: Toughest period going on economically.
Governments Costs will be reduced
Prime Minister House, Governor House to be used for Public Goodwill not for living like a King!
Hill Resorts will be commercially used for native people’s goodwill.
Public Money will be safeguarded
Overseas Pakistanis will be brought back, Welcomed!
FBR to be restructured
Farmers to be look after
Small Business to be offered to Youth
Poverty Alleviation

Foreign Policy is a challenge, Stability is needed, Good relations with Neighbors.
China: CPEC and Economic Stability!
Afghanistan: Sacrifices in War on Terror
USA: Balance relations to be established.
Iran: Brotherly Relations
Saudi Arabia: Brotherly Relations, Mediation for Arab World
India: Portrayed me as a Villain during campaign. Good relations are mandatory for good of sub-continent. Mutual Trade to be enhanced. Kashmir Issue must be resolved through Table-Talk.

Rigging Allegations
It’s the most Free & Fare Election in Pakistan’s History
We are with you, We’ll open all the Constituency where you think rigging was done

Thanks to Pakistanis
Pray for me that I may be able to serve Pakistan & Its People at full capacity!
Pakistan Zinda Bad

The much dynamic speech is all trending and people are admiring and in love with his words, the hashtag #WelcomeKingKhan has been trending since. Here is what the people have to say about his speech:-

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