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Here are the Inspiring talks from TEDxLahore 2018


TEDxLahore event was held just a couple of months ago. The event was immensely successful .The good news is that all the talks  have been uploaded on the TEDx Youtube channel and they are there for your viewing pleasure.

So, if you missed this year’s TEDxLahore, were not able to attend due to any issue or even if you attended the event but want to watch the talks again, do use the following links to watch those talks.

Why do we need to tell the right stories? – Hira Mohibullah & Moiz Khan
Listen to this duo talk about the impact of telling the right kind of stories, about how they can change the society and affect the perceptions of the people in them.

Waking up the sleeping giant. – Mudassar Aqil
Mudassar talks about the idea of a different kind of financial eco-system aimed at facilitating the general public.

Decolonizing Memory – Shahzeb Khan
Accepting your own identity as a nation and learning the right lessons from our history.

Painting the ‘deathbed’ of Lahore – Dr. Ajaz Anwar
An accomplished painter, Dr. Ajaz Anwar uses his words to paint the Lahore he grew up in and the one he wants to leave for the future generations.

Law, Justice &System of Governance – Taimur Malik
Listen to Taimur talk about the idea of improving the Judicial System using technology, and various other steps.

The Drum Clinic
A riveting performance on drums

Breathtaking: Our Air Pollution Problem – Abid Omar
Smog is increasingly turning into a major problem, and Abid discusses the steps he took to raise this issue and what can be done about it.

Is Collecting Art Another Way for Collecting Stories – Amna Naqvi
Amna has some interesting stories to tell about her interesting Art Collection.

The Mystic ‘Bhulan’ – Dr. Uzma Khan
A dolphin, that is only found in Pakistan, is the center of this talk by Dr. Uzma Khan and how she is trying to give them a safe living.


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