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Hajj 2023: Pilgrims perform stoning of devil at Jamarat

Millions of pilgrims, after saying prayers on Eid-ul-Azha morning and travelling through different means of transportation on Wednesday (10th Zulhaj), embarked on a journey from Muzdalifah to Mina for the “stoning of the devil.”

In the scorching heat, the walk can be long and tiring, so many people choose to go by bus or train. But hundreds of thousands of pilgrims including men and women could also be seen in groups, proceeding to Jamarat for stoning.

The pilgrims collected pebbles from Muzdalifah last night and made their way to Jamarat Bridge.

It was one of the final rites of Hajj, which took place in a structure with three pillars symbolizing the devil. Every pilgrim should hit one of the three walls of the Jamarat on three different occasions.

This year, the Nusuk platform added the schedule of the Jamarat stoning ritual to facilitate and streamline the event that most of the 1.8 million pilgrims will head to throughout the day.

The ritual will be repeated for two more days, with participants eventually casting stones at all three pillars.

Stoning is one of the most dangerous stages of the Hajj, with the press of people around the pillars creating the risk of a stampede.

In 2004, 244 people were killed, and a year later at least 360 died when several pilgrims tripped over baggage while others behind them kept pushing ahead.

Saudi authorities subsequently built the current complex to reduce the risk of stampedes.

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