Gold Rate in Pakistan today per tola

Gold Rates Today 6th November 2023: A Slight Dip in Prices

The gold market witnessed a minor fluctuation in prices on Monday, 6th November 2023. The per tola price of 24 karat gold, a popular choice among investors and jewelry enthusiasts, experienced a slight decrease. This dip in prices offers valuable insights into the ever-changing dynamics of the precious metals market.

24 Karat Gold Prices

On Monday, the per tola price of 24 karat gold decreased by Rs.400 when compared to its value on the last trading day. Gold was being sold at Rs.214,400, showing a marginal reduction from its previous rate of Rs.214,600. This subtle variation in prices reflects the delicate balance between supply and demand, as well as global market trends influencing the precious metal.

10 Grams of 24 Karat Gold

Similarly, the price of 10 grams of 24 karat gold saw a decline. It went down by Rs.343, reaching Rs.183,642 from its earlier value of Rs.183,985. This shift suggests that both consumers and investors are closely monitoring the fluctuations in the gold market, making informed decisions regarding their purchases and holdings.

22 Karat Gold

The price of 10 grams of 22 karat gold, a popular choice for traditional jewelry, also experienced a decrease. It slipped to Rs.168,338 from Rs.168,653. This decline may encourage jewelry enthusiasts to explore opportunities to acquire gold at a slightly more affordable rate.

Stagnant Silver Prices

On a more stable note, the price of silver remained consistent. Both per tola and ten-gram silver were reported at Rs.2,580 and Rs.2,211.93, respectively. The steady silver prices offer an alternative for those looking to diversify their investments or add to their collection of precious metals.

International Gold Market

The global gold market also demonstrated a decrease in prices. The international price of gold dropped by $9, settling at $2,003 from its previous value of $2,012. This global trend can be attributed to various factors, including economic conditions, geopolitical events, and market sentiment.

The minor dip in gold prices on 6th November 2023 reflects the intricate dynamics of the precious metals market. While the reduction in prices may be seen as an opportunity for potential buyers and investors, it is essential to remain vigilant and well-informed about the factors influencing these fluctuations. As the gold market continues to respond to both local and international forces, staying updated with the latest price trends is crucial for making sound decisions in the world of precious metals.

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