Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin in F8 Islamabad offers free marriage hall to assist poor families

Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin in F8 Islamabad offers free marriage hall to assist poor families

The Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin F/8 in Islamabad has established a free-of-charge marriage hall to help deserving families celebrate their daughters’ weddings with respect and dignity.

This compassionate initiative aims to make the special day of deserving families even more memorable by providing a free-of-charge marriage hall equipped with a stage for the bride and groom, as well as crockery, tables, chairs, and trained waiters to serve food to the guests of orphan and deserving brides.

Furthermore, the initiative ensures that newlywed brides are sent to their new homes with respect and dignity.

This compassionate initiative by Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin F/8, Islamabad aims to provide deserving families with a memorable and dignified wedding experience, besides alleviating the financial burden on poor families and enabling them to celebrate their special occasion with joy and honour.

The hall has a three-hour time limit and includes a stage for the bride and groom. The mosque management allows parents to either solemnize the Nikkah of their daughter themselves or choose a Khateeb of their choice for the ceremony. To book the hall, deserving parents can contact the mosque management committee.

Taj Qamar, a member of the mosque committee, told APP that the marriage-related activities will continue uninterrupted even during prayer times. He advised people to associate the departure of their daughters with the call to prayer (Adhan) and prayer (Salah) to eliminate some superstitions and create a blessed environment that will facilitate a new life.

According to Qamar, the mosque recommends that families planning to attend the event should limit the number of guests to 100 or 120 individuals, with an equal number of men and women, and prioritize Islamic teachings while avoiding extravagance by religious teachings.

To ensure a successful event, three men and three women from the family should take responsibility for arranging and maintaining order, with one man and one woman appointed to oversee the event and ensure that the mosque administration does not participate in the ceremony.

Taj Qamar, encourages families to link their daughters’ departure with the call to prayer and salah, adding that superstitions will decrease and wastefulness and burden on poor families will be eliminated. After the ceremony concludes, the mosque must be thoroughly cleaned, and arrangements can be made for a departure ceremony that meets the family’s needs. The initiative aims to establish a dignified system for white-clothed people and relieve the burden on poor fathers of marrying off their daughters.

By embracing this compassionate initiative, even the most self-reliant and principled individuals can avoid the temptation of taking unnecessary loans or seeking external assistance. This not only benefits the daughter, the family, and future generations but also fosters a stronger bond with the mosque and its teachings. With the introduction of the correct Islamic culture of marriage, the blessings of the mosque make the bond of marriage even more blessed and joyous.

Free Mariage Hall at Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin in F8 Islamabad

For more information, feel free to contact the management committee at the following phone numbers: 0321 5152880, 03001119369, and 0512744683.

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