Exploring Pakistan through Camera Lenses

A general perception about Pakistan suggests it is not an under-developed and unsafe country. People don’t find it a safe place to travel to, as it is associated with terrorist attacks and political crises. With such a negative perception why would anyone even consider traveling to and exploring Pakistan?

The reality is completely different as explored through foreign and local camera lenses. Travelers, explorers and photographers beautifully captured the beauty of country. They have highlighted their visits, and captured some memorable experiences and stories which have been shared on social media.

Here is a list of few famous individuals, who have captured, promoted and made their trip to Pakistan viral.

Brandon Stanton – Humans of New York :

Brandon Stanton is the creator of famous photo blog “Humans of New York”. He came up with some astounding photos and, heart touching stories of Pakistan that were pushed around to 14 million followers through social media.

Moin Khan – A Different Agenda :

Moin Khan was the man behind two inspirational documentaries “A different agenda” and “Rediscovering Pakistan”. He traveled a long way to the Northern areas of Pakistan with a selfie stick, a motorbike and bunch of friends. It took thousands of kilometers for Moin Khan to realize his true passion is not traveling but his homeland.

Mike Horn to conquer K2 :

Mike Horn is a South African born, Swiss explorer, who started his journey (via road) from Germany and traveled all the way to Pakistan. Mike wanted to ski down K2, which he did not complete, however he joined Moin Khan on his tour and publicized the beauty of Pakistan on his social media pages.

Sophie Southall – capturing the beauty :

Sophee is a young travel blogger from Australia who recently traveled to Pakistan. Sophee has captured some of the most unique clicks that went viral on internet. She has promoted the true breathtaking beauty of Pakistan with her finest work.

Billi Bierling – exploring the peaks:

Billi is a German journalist and climber, who went on an adventurous expedition to K2 and other famous broad peaks of Pakistan. Billi exclaims that her experience to the massive Baltoro glacier was an extremely fascinating one.

Syed Mehdi Bukhari– the photo perfectionist :

The Sialkot based photographer, Syed Mehdi Bukhari, has skillfully used his artistic and visual eye to promote the inspiring beauty of Pakistan. His work has been published by Dawn media group and showcases his photographic expertise and love for his homeland.

Zenith Irfan – high spirit explorer :

Zenith is a 20 year old free soul, who decided to discover the marvels of Pakistan. She traveled to Kashmir on her two-wheeler and camera to document the beauty of this land.

David Kaszlikowski – exploring majesty of glaciers :

David is an adventure photographer, who recently took social media by storm with his fantastic pictures of the Karakoram glaciers. He came to explore the magnificence of Pakistan and successfully managed to discover the best out of the country.

Iara Lee’s – inspiring by documentary :

Iara Lee, a Korean film producer, has showcased Pakistan in a brilliant manner through her documentary titled ‘K2 and the Invisible Footmen’. The documentary portrays the hard living aspects of the porters on K2. The documentary was screened across Pakistan and it is now set to screen in other countries as well.

Travel diaries – promoting Pakistan :

The blog promotes the work of emerging photographers in Pakistan. It showcased scenic sites and stories of the country. You just need a DSLR or smartphone to get started!

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