Future of Electric Motorcycles in Pakistan

Punjab plans to set up over 50 EV charging stations at various locations

In a significant move towards controlling environmental pollution, Provincial Transport Minister Ibrahim Hassan Murad announced on Wednesday that Punjab is gearing up for a substantial boost in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The province plans to establish over 50 charging stations at various locations, signaling a decisive step towards a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system.

In an exclusive conversation with a private news channel, Minister Murad revealed that the Chief Minister had already issued the first E-Rickshaw license. Furthermore, the government is set to distribute over 10,000 electric bikes among graduate university students. Additionally, 2,000 electric three-wheeler bikes will be provided to special individuals without any interest charges.

The minister emphasized that this historic initiative is geared towards making Punjab a manufacturing hub for electric vehicles, EV batteries, and components. He highlighted the electric three-wheeler market as particularly ripe for electrification at present. Minister Murad stressed that the shift to EVs will not only have a positive impact on the country’s economy but will also contribute significantly to achieving the national target of net zero emissions.

Pakistan’s electric vehicle market is gaining momentum and is poised for substantial growth in the coming years, according to Minister Murad. To further encourage the transition to electric vehicles, he underscored the importance of high-quality electric rickshaws and their pivotal role in combating pollution.

Addressing inquiries, Minister Murad explained that the ‘Green Wheels’ initiative extends beyond promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation. It marks a noteworthy shift in government procurement practices, reflecting a multifaceted approach to addressing both public accessibility to electric vehicles and the government’s commitment to environmentally friendly options.

As Punjab takes bold strides towards becoming a leader in the electric vehicle sector, the ‘Green Wheels’ initiative stands out as a comprehensive and visionary program, poised to make a lasting impact on the province’s environmental sustainability and economic development.

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