Eligibility criteria for contesting Elections 2024

As the anticipation for the 2024 general elections in Pakistan builds, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has laid down clear eligibility criteria for individuals aspiring to contest seats in both national and provincial assemblies. This move is in accordance with the Election Act of 2017, aimed at ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process.

Key Eligibility Criteria for Elections 2024

According to a spokesman from the Provincial Election Commissioner’s Office, candidates must meet certain criteria to be eligible for nomination:

  1. Citizenship and Age Requirement:
    • Candidates must be citizens of Pakistan.
    • The minimum age for contesting candidates is set at 25 years, calculated as of the final date of filing the nomination papers.
  2. Voter Registration:
    • Candidates for National Assembly seats must be registered voters in any part of Pakistan.
    • Candidates for provincial assembly seats must be registered voters in the specific province they are contesting in.
  3. Women Reserved Seats:
    • Candidates for women reserved seats in the National Assembly must be registered voters of the respective province.
    • Fulfillment of eligibility criteria outlined in Articles 62-63 of the Constitution is mandatory.
  4. Proposers and Seconders:
    • Proposers and seconders for candidates contesting on general seats must be voters of the relevant constituency.
    • Proposers and seconders for national and provincial assembly women and non-Muslim seats must be voters of the respective province.
    • Proposers and seconders for National Assembly seats of non-Muslims should be registered voters anywhere in the country.
  5. Documentation Requirements:
    • Nomination papers must include the priority list issued by the political parties for reserved seats.
    • Candidates are required to open a special account for election expenses in any scheduled bank or provide details of an existing account along with bank statements.
    • Bank transactions from December 8, 2023, onwards must be detailed in the nomination papers for election expense verification.
  6. Affidavit and Asset Details:
    • Candidates are required to submit an affidavit on stamp paper, duly attested by an oath commissioner.
    • The affidavit must include relevant asset details of the candidate’s wife, children, and looked-after siblings in Form-B.
  7. Authorized Submission:
    • An authorized person may submit nomination papers on behalf of a candidate, with attestation by a notary public or oath commissioner.

As the Election Commission of Pakistan takes these significant steps to define the eligibility criteria for contesting candidates in the 2024 elections, it emphasizes transparency and accountability in the electoral process. Prospective candidates are urged to familiarize themselves with these criteria to ensure a smooth and lawful nomination process as the nation gears up for another pivotal election year.

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