Dollar Rates Today 9th July 2024: Pakistani Rupee Appreciates Against US Dollar

The exchange rate of the Pakistani rupee experienced an appreciation of 10 paisa against the US dollar in interbank trading on Tuesday, closing at Rs 278.40 compared to the previous day’s closing of Rs 278.50.

Interbank Market

According to the Forex Association of Pakistan (FAP), the rupee’s value saw a slight improvement against the US dollar. This modest gain reflects the rupee’s ongoing stability amidst fluctuating global market conditions.

Open Market Rates

In the open market, the dollar’s buying and selling rates were Rs 279 and Rs 281, respectively. These rates indicate the continued demand for the dollar among the public and businesses, though the interbank rate shows a positive trend for the rupee.

Other Major Currencies

  • Euro: The Euro saw a decrease of 58 paisa, closing at Rs 301.17, down from the last day’s closing of Rs 301.75, according to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
  • Japanese Yen: The exchange rate for the Japanese yen remained stable, closing unchanged at Rs 1.73.
  • British Pound: The British Pound experienced a decrease of 48 paisa, trading at Rs 356.39 compared to the previous day’s closing of Rs 356.87.
  • Emirates Dirham: The exchange rate for the Emirates Dirham fell by 03 paisa, closing at Rs 75.79.
  • Saudi Riyal: Similarly, the Saudi Riyal’s exchange rate also decreased by 03 paisa, closing at Rs 74.21.


Today’s appreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar is a positive sign for the country’s economy. The slight increases and decreases in the exchange rates of other major currencies like the Euro, British Pound, and Middle Eastern currencies reflect the dynamic nature of the forex market. Continuous monitoring of these rates is essential for businesses and individuals involved in international trade and travel.

Overall, the interbank appreciation of the rupee against the dollar is a welcome development, suggesting improved market confidence in the Pakistani currency. The stability in the exchange rate of the Japanese yen and the minor fluctuations in other currencies are part of the regular forex market movements. Keeping an eye on these trends can help stakeholders make informed financial decisions.

Stay updated with the latest forex rates and market trends to navigate the economic landscape effectively.

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