Dil Ruba Last Episode: “Look For Both Sides Of A Coin”

Dil Ruba is a story of a fun-loving girl Sanam, who got trapped in her own childishness behavior. She got married but later he died in a road accident. However, she came out of her all childishness and immature thoughts but the society never left her at peace. But now it has come to an end. And let’s have a look at what shall be the Sanam’s end?

Dil Ruba Last Episode:

Video Credits: Hum TV

Junaid And Sehrish:

Sehrish was once a fiance of Junaid, but Junaid who was deeply in love with Sanam rejected her. However, Sehrish never completely forgets him. When Junaid came to her house, she volunteering expressed her love for him and Arsalan heard it all. It broke Arsalan a lot but later he said which has so much truth in it and that is “In one heart, there is always some unsolved love puzzle”

Sanam And Sabih:

Sabih who was always in love with Sanam, and was an elder brother of Sanam’s first husband. He liked her for many reasons and at the same time hated for many reasons. But when Sanam was alone no one stood by her bur Sabih. And proposed her for marriage. Because he thinks that Sanam needs “shelter, love, and respect”

Sabih Gave Us A Message:

Relationships are alive only when we will them to. This can be done by forgiving the person and accepting how the person is. He gave this message while being on conversating with Arsalan.

Sanam Got Married:

With the blessing and prayers, Sanam got married to Sabih. And they both agreed to live together.

Khurram’s Death:

The end of Khurram was certain when he planned to be on the right track his time was over. And in a road accident, he died. In these last words, he gave all his property to charity.

Natasha Got Arrested:

In a murder case of Khurram, police arrested Natasha and sentenced her.

Saddest Yet Realistic Conversation Between Sabih And Sanam:

Sabih told her that Sanam has always humiliated him. She always humiliated his looks and personality but she made fun of him. Also, he added that “I have not married her to take revenge but he genuinely wanted to give her respect”. Sanam said to herself that “You are a gem, and your love is beyond imagination. I should have understood your love”.

Sanam Falls In Love With Sabih:

With the generous behavior of Sabih, Sanam understood the right meaning of love. And falls in love with him.

Sanam And Junaid’s Face-Off:

Junaid accused her of ruining his life. On all, his blames, she backfires on him. She made him realized that due to him and men like him ruined her life too. Furthermore, she said, “the society always blames a woman, and man sneaks out at peace”.

The END!!

In her conversation with Junaid, Sabih brainstorm the events and realized that he was the one who approached her and Sanam is not at fault. He realized that he was at fault too and accepted Sanam with open arms.

Outstanding Performances “A Standing Ovation”:

dil ruba last episode

The leading cast of Dil Ruba

Each and every character of this drama pulled their roles so well, which has become the reason for its success. The drama had an amazing balance of sadness, arrogance, happiness, and revenge. The actors performed so well that it seems like to be one living the roles.

The cast of Dil Ruba:

Hania Aamir
Mohib Mirza
Shehroz Sabzwari
Syed Jibran
Marina Khan
Ghana Tahir
Nabeel Aijaz Zuberi
Saad Azhar
Saira Wasti
Sajeer Uddin
Zain Afzal
Dur-e-Fishan Saleem
Amber Khan
Huma Nawab
Khalid Anam
Sheharyar Zaidi
Jawed Iqbal
Rehana Akhter
Mirza Rizwan Nabi
Asad Siddiqui

OST of Dil Ruba:

The mesmerizing OST is sung by Nimral Roy & Shani Arshad

Video Credits: Hum TV

Other Details:

OST: Dil Ruba
Singer: Nirmal Roy & Shani Arshad
Composer: Shani Arshad
Lyrics: Sabir Zafar
Edit & Post: Faizan Ghori
D.O.P: Abrar Kashmiri
Writer: Qaisra Hayat
Director: Ali Hassan
Producer: Momina Duraid

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