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Desi cuisine trend in winter season gaining momentum

As every season has its own specialties,a number of people rushed to local food stalls to enjoy some mouthwatering special desi cuisine desserts which was gaining popularity in twin cities.

Which desi food is trending this winter season?

According to a private news channel, as every season has its own specialties, In Pakistan traditional winter foods has its own set of perks which were the best way to enjoy these foggy cold season and kept the brisk air at bay.To overcome the freezing cold in the air,a number of people were visiting various food stalls to enjoy some traditional  winter delicacies and some remained indoors to enjoy home-made food which were also known for their health benefits.

According to citizens, the desi ghee dipped sarsu ka saag, makhan walay parathay, Kashmiri tea, Pinjiri, soup and halwas were like the essentials which made their spot in our routine menu during winters and they were so delicious that nobody could be able to resist them.

The cool mornings and foggy nights were not less than any enjoyment in the running season for every food lovers in the country, said Asma Zubair. 

” Mustard Leaf Curry or Sarson ka Saag is one of the most popular dish in Punjab that’s served using Makki ki Roti’ (corn bread) in winters may be incomplete,”said Amir Usman.

The tea parties in the winters are never complete without the hot and delicious halwas with full of nuts ,”said a shopkeeper.

“Both pinni and panjiri are a powerhouse of energy and have always been a part of the Punjabi household, said a mother, adding,  ingredients used in making panjiri are whole wheat flour, jaggery, and ghee, mixed with dry fruits. Apart from feeding babies, it’s also a nutritional supplement for pregnant women and new mothers,” she mentioned.

Winters were the perfect time to dig into a variety of warm halwas, said a customer at shop, adding, large platters of halwas adorned with silver vark and crushed nuts could be seen in eateries to attract all aged customers.

A shopkeeper said”Most demanding items throughout winter are gajar ka halwa, Kashmiri tea and variety of chicken soups.”

A young girl said being a food lover, I have many personal favorites but there was nothing like Makhan walay special parathy in foggy mornings specially but it should be made by my mother.

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