Chery Unveils OMODA E5 Electric Vehicle in Indonesia

Chery Unveils OMODA E5 Electric Vehicle in Indonesia

In a significant move to expand its presence in the Indonesian market, China’s leading automaker, Chery, launched its latest electric vehicle (EV) model, the OMODA E5, on Monday. This unveiling not only marks a step forward in Chery’s global business strategy but also emphasizes the company’s commitment to eco-friendly innovation.

Chery OMODA E5

Video Credits: Chery Malaysia

OMODA E5 – Fusion of Technology, Design, and Ecology

Rifkie Setiawan, head of Brand Department PT Chery Sales Indonesia, described the Chery OMODA E5 as a symbol of technological innovation, futuristic design, and ecological awareness in sustainable mobility. The launch ceremony emphasized Chery’s invitation to various stakeholders to contribute to a better environment through the adoption of the OMODA E5.

Price and Accessibility

According to Qu Jizong, executive vice president of PT Chery Sales Indonesia, the Chery OMODA E5 is priced at 498.8 million rupiah (31,800 U.S. dollars), making it an attractive and competitive option in the Indonesian market. The affordability factor is expected to contribute to the broader adoption of electric vehicles in the region.

Local Production and Government Appreciation

Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, expressed the government’s appreciation for Chery’s commitment to achieving a 40-percent local production rate. In a video link statement, Hartarto encouraged Chery to further support the domestic market, fostering the development of electric vehicle batteries within Indonesia. The government looks forward to Chery’s continued investment and increased local content in their products.

Driving Towards a Sustainable Future

Chery’s introduction of the OMODA E5 to the Indonesian market aligns with the global shift towards sustainable mobility. The launch signifies not only the company’s technological prowess but also its dedication to contributing to a greener future. As Chery takes a significant step in expanding its electric vehicle offerings, the OMODA E5 is poised to make a meaningful impact on Indonesia’s automotive landscape and promote the adoption of environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

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