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Cars sale in Pakistan drops 64% in July 2023

The sale of cars during the first month of the current financial year 2023-24 has dropped by 64.32 percent as compared to the same month of last year, a recent data released by Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA) said.

According to the data, as many as 3,702 cars were sold during the month under review as opposed to 10,378 units in the same month of last year.

The breakup figures showed that 208 units of Honda Civic and City were sold during the corresponding month of the year 2023-24 as compared to the sale of 2,408 units last year.

Toyota Corolla and Yaris cars sales also decreased by 38.46 percent as it went down to 1,067 units from 1,734 units in July of the previous year.

Suzuki Swift’s sales also decreased by 22.42 percent as its sale went down to 249 units from 321 units last year.

Sale of Suzuki Cultus declined to 177 units during the first month of the current year, whereas during the same month last year, the sale was recorded at 661 units while the sale of Suzuki WagonR also decreased to 245 units from 282 units last year.

Suzuki Alto’s sales also witnessed a sharp decline of 68.81 percent from 4,618 units to 1,440 units during the current year, whereas the sale of Suzuki Bolan decreased to 146 units as opposed to sales of 353 units in the same month of last year.

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