Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

British Asian Trust Ends Ties with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

The British Asian Trust has officially cut all associations with renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in the wake of a disturbing video surfacing over the weekend. The footage captures an incident from last year in Houston, Texas, where the artist is seen violently assaulting a band member with slaps, kicks, and even his own shoes.

Expressing their unequivocal stance against abusive behavior, a spokesperson for the British Asian Trust stated, “The British Asian Trust has a strict policy towards abusive behavior and has ceased any association with Mr. Khan. We strongly condemn any form of violence, whatever the circumstances.” The organization, founded by King Charles III in 2007, is dedicated to combating violence, making their decision to sever ties with Khan a significant move. The singer had been appointed as an ambassador for the Trust in 2017.

In a shocking video circulating on social media prior to this decision, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan can be seen attacking his employee multiple times, demanding the whereabouts of his “bottle.” The distressed employee pleads for help while others witness the disturbing incident.

Responding to the video, the singer defended himself in a separate clip, categorizing the incident as a “personal” matter between a “teacher and student.” He claimed that the mentioned “bottle” was, in fact, “blessed water.” However, despite this explanation, questions persist regarding the appropriateness of his conduct, raising concerns about the line between personal matters and professional responsibilities.

The British Asian Trust’s decisive action underscores its commitment to maintaining a zero-tolerance policy towards violence, regardless of the individual’s stature or background. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding ethical standards, even in the world of entertainment, and the need for accountability when such standards are breached.

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