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Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits

Eating dry fruits in the winter season plays a vital role for human health as it contains important nutrients which are essential for human body said health expert Dr Asma Javed.

Here are some Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits:-

  • Talking to a private news channel, nutritionist Dr Asma Javed said “almonds, walnuts, pistachio and all other dry fruits are full of fatty acids, fiber and protein which are required by our bodies, these dry fruits are considered healthy because they are rich in carbohydrates and minerals.”
  • Dr Asma further informed that oil extracted from the walnuts are beneficial for skin, hairs and it is also a cure for the wrinkles and dark spots under eyelids and also vital for the glow of the face.
  • She said dry fruits are a storehouse of fiber, and amino acids, as it is useful for every age group.

With the advent of the winter season, the demand for Dry fruits has been increased in the city with a remarkable prices hike as compared to the last year.

The shopkeepers of Dry fruits in different markets of the city have significantly hiked the prices because there was no proper check and balance on rates and missing rate lists by the market committees.

The prices of dry fruits including Almond, pistachio, walnut, pine nut (chilghoza), date, cashew nut (Kaju), apricot, and peanut increased in the winter season as these are mostly demanded items.

The shopkeeper of dry fruits has raised prices of Dry fruit and charged exorbitant rates as there is no mechanism to control prices of such items by the district administration and market committees.

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