Are Pakistani Dramas Too Depressing?

Pakistani dramas have come a long way, there is absolutely no doubt about that fact but one thing we see commonly in our favorite shows is their depressing storylines. Do the makers think sad stories sell? Is dark and mysterious the new cool genre which every producer is following? Do we Pakistanis dig dark-themed shows? Well, Yes! Sad stories are mostly a sure shot hit. Almost every other series on television is either depression-related or some depressing social issue related. Don’t believe us? Here is a list of some shows which made it big because of their stories. Gripping yet gloomy!

Surkh Chandani 

Surkh Chandani was an Osman Khalid Butt and Sohai Ali Abroo starrer. It was extremely popular among the viewers. Its story revolved around a girl whose admirer threw acid on her. The makers take us on a solemn ride of how Aida faced the world and fought against all odds after her attack. The show focused on the subject of Acid throwing. 


Inkaar was another hit show which starred Yumna Zaidi, Sami Khan and Imran Ashraf in lead roles. It was a story of a girl who catches the attention of a billionaire and how he starts stalking her and doesn’t take no for an answer. When his adoration is not returned he plunges a knife into her and badly injures her. The story goes on to follow the character’s journey towards fighting for justice and finding her own worth in the process.


Ruswai is yet another brilliant script. It stars Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar in the main roles. The show revolves around a girl who is kidnapped and sexually assaulted, then left to die near her house. She returns home alive but not without scars. The show is still on the air and you can follow it on Ary Digital. It is a heartbreaking story of a young ambitious girl who falls prey to such a heinous crime. 


Damsa is the latest addition to the world of dramas but has already garnered much acclaim because of its sensitive topic and exceptional acting of the cast. The show focuses on child trafficking and how young victims and their families are affected because of this. 

Each show mentioned above is brilliant and very well-executed. Different stars, different stories yet one thing that connects them. A strong yet Sad storyline. There are many other shows that have followed the same pattern and gathered much love from the audience.

What do you think? Do the makers know that this is the way to the audiences’ heart or are they just producing some really good stories? Let us know in the comments below. 

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