Alabama vs Michigan
Alabama vs Michigan | Rose Bowl 2023 Recap

Michigan Triumphs Over Alabama: Rose Bowl 2023 Recap

Michigan showcased resilience in a comeback victory against Alabama in the highly anticipated Rose Bowl game. Here’s a breakdown of the thrilling match that unfolded at the College Football Playoff Semifinal.

Alabama vs Michigan Match Highlights

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Overtime Thriller: Michigan Seals the Deal

In a nail-biting clash, top-seeded Michigan emerged victorious in an overtime thriller, securing a hard-fought 27-20 win against No. 4 Alabama. Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy, instrumental in the team’s success, took a reflective moment post-game in the empty stadium, savoring the triumph.

Trench Battle: Michigan Dominates with Six Sacks

Michigan’s defense proved formidable as Alabama struggled in the trenches, succumbing to six sacks. This crucial element played a pivotal role in Michigan’s ability to control the game and stifle Alabama’s offensive efforts.

Momentum Shift: Alabama’s Costly Mistake

Midway through the third quarter, momentum favored Alabama as they led 17-13 and aimed to advance into Michigan territory. However, a pivotal fumble by quarterback Jalen Milroe shifted the momentum back to Michigan, allowing J.J. McCarthy to capitalize on the opportunity.

Scoring Drought: Alabama Unable to Find the End Zone

Following the costly fumble, Alabama failed to score another touchdown for the remainder of the game. Michigan’s defense held firm, denying the Crimson Tide any significant offensive breakthroughs.

End of an Era: Saban’s Streak Snapped

Nick Saban’s remarkable streak of guiding Alabama to a national championship at least once every three seasons came to an end with the Rose Bowl defeat. As the legendary head coach faces uncharted territory, Alabama heads into the offseason with reflections on the agonizing loss.

Alabama vs. Michigan Score Breakdown

Explore the quarter-by-quarter score breakdown of the intense Rose Bowl matchup:


Relive the excitement and drama of the Rose Bowl 2023. As Michigan emerges triumphant over Alabama in this unforgettable College Football Playoff Semifinal clash.

Alabama vs. Michigan: Our Verdict

In a pulsating Rose Bowl clash, Michigan’s unwavering tenacity and strategic prowess shone through as they secured a thrilling 27-20 overtime victory against Alabama. The Wolverines, led by the exceptional quarterback J.J. McCarthy, showcased resilience in the face of adversity, capitalizing on critical moments to outlast the Crimson Tide. The defensive prowess displayed by Michigan, with an impressive six sacks, proved decisive in controlling the game and limiting Alabama’s offensive impact. Despite Alabama’s initial momentum and a tense battle in the trenches. Michigan’s ability to capitalize on turnovers and execute in critical situations ultimately secured their triumph. With this memorable victory, Michigan etches its name in Rose Bowl history, marking an impressive display of skill and determination in the College Football Playoff Semifinal.
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