A Glance At Ponds Miracle Women & Leading Fashion Designer Misha Lakhani’s Success Story

Misha Lakhani, one of the most well known fashion designers in the country, founded a women’s wear brand almost four years ago. Her passion changed the fashion industry and her life. But she is not just defined by her work, but also the various roles that she plays on a daily basis. She is juggling her work along with being a wife, a daughter in law, a friend and a mother of two children.

According to Misha, “The more roles you take on in life, you keep adding to your plate. Being a wife, a daughter in law and mother added more especially with my work. Juggling all of that can be a bit of a challenge. There are little fires that keep erupting constantly but you need to keep moving ahead and manage time really well so you are able to be there for whatever is a priority in life.” Although Misha explains that there are fires on and off, she herself is a hydrant, always dealing with tough situations easily and calming those around her. Her children and her family are priority and she has planned her work hours accordingly, so that she can give her maximum to those who matter the most. She feels she is lucky that she started her label before she got married as she was able to put in the long hours a business in its infancy requires before the responsibilities of marriage entered the equation.

Misha looks for little miracles every day. “I think that is what matters, finding those tiny miracles every day instead of that big moment.” For her, it is ideal for a woman to be financially independent but in being so also requires tremendous support from her family and her spouse. If, however, a woman chooses to not work, she must not be judged. It is a matter of personal preference. As far as ageing is concerned, being a fashion designer she understands the importance of clothes that make you stand out, feel great and cast an impression. She is a firm believer of the fact that one looks as good as one feels. If one keeps doing the things that make him or her feel good, age will not matter. However, to be healthy, Misha ensures she works out regularly.

If given the chance to do anything differently, Misha says she would like to experience life just as she has and wouldn’t wish for anything to be different or change. “Everything is a learning experience and the reason you are where you are today is because of the things you did.” It is tough being a working mother but for Misha, the gains outweigh the pains. With her journey she inspires women to go out there and get what they want because determined women surely can have everything.


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