5 Ways Technology Trends Have Shaped the Travel Sector

As technology spreads its wings all over the world, it has also lodged itself in Pakistan. As a result of the technological advancements, Pakistan’s economy has seen a major boost.

Among the various industries, the travel and tourism industry has benefited from the various technological improvements. This article by Jovago Pakistan discusses the 5 ways in which digital trends have shaped the travel sector.

  1. Apps for merely everything

With smartphones acting as convenience gadgets, users are able to download the app for almost everything including travel. With the introduction of various travel apps, the conventional way of planning a trip has become almost obsolete. For instance, Jovago Pakistan’s launch of a mobile app for both Android and IOS users has made traveling easier and more convenient.

  1. Google maps

Gone are the hectic days when people had to carry paper maps, which eventually got crumbled up most of the time, to find their destinations. The advent of Google Maps has made life easier as it makes navigation of different places at just a click away. By simply downloading the app on their smartphones, users can save time and enjoy a stress-free trip.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Technology provides a new yet better platform, in the form of social media, for businesses and customers to connect and engage. With the emergence of this platform, people are more informed about everything that is going around them. For instance, when it comes to traveling, people are more aware of the new tourist spots that have been discovered in the country. With blogs, they get hold of the information about a place, which otherwise would have been difficult for them.

  1.     Startups

The emergence of startup businesses has opened the floodgates of technology as people are made aware of the online shopping option. With just a click, consumers can get hold of everything they are interested including hotel booking. The recent launch of Careem and Uber has made traveling from one place to other stress-free and cheap.

  1.     Introduction of 3G and 4G internet

The advent of 3G and 4G internet has been phenomenal in Pakistan as it provides the gateway through which people are able to better connect with the world. 3G and 4G internet connections have enabled businesses to emerge in the international market hence attracting foreign clients. Also, it has resulted in an influx of inbound tourists who are coming to explore the beauty of Pakistan.

If you have any other reason through which technology trends have improved travel sector, then do share it with us in the comment section below.


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