10 Social Media Platforms to Watch in 2015

Wondering which will be the 10 Social Media Platforms to Watch in 2015?

It is becoming a challenge for every brand to keep up with every social platform buzzing in the social world, each day we see another platform popping and making it a must for all to use it to reach its target audience.

However, here are the ten social media platforms to watch for in 2015. These can be integrated to your brands communication for a better reach in the coming year.

1. Unmetric: Unmetric brings top trending tips straight to marketing and social media managers. This allows brands to make immediate decisions on where and how to distribute content for the best ROI.

2. Kenshoo Social: Kenshoo Social helps marketing managers develop an effective social media budget with training modules and certifications.

3. Frilp: Frilp connects users with their friends to get recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, and what to see in a new town.

4. WeChat: Brands can utilize WeChat to understand what content is trending, and how to create viral content that resonates with target audiences.

5. Line: Line blurs the divide between end users and their favorite celebrities, TV shows, and brands, allowing them to get exclusive information direct from the things they love.

6. Space Tag: Where Foursquare fell short, Space Tag excels. This social app allows users to take pictures of places, and leave social tags for their extended networks.

7. Quicket: Travelers will take the hassle out of their travel bookings with Quicket. In one app, travelers can book flights, select seats, and even see who is sitting nearby.

8. Meety: As users get more comfortable with augmented reality, sharing experiences will go beyond digital devices. Meety breaks the fourth wall of social media, allowing users to share their experiences in real time.

9. Heard: Heard allows users to share their stories and conversations, while vetting their claims through reputation engines that help determine how authentic the stories really are.

10. Viber: With Viber, users can connect anywhere they have a data connection to anyone else on the service, complete with video, push-to-talk and text messaging.

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